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Maintain the company's competitive edge through customer and employee satisfaction.

Hwitek is engaged in quartz chip, quartz monitoring crystal oscillator (Quartz monitor Crystals), quartz crystal resonator, quartz crystal oscillator, high-precision quartz crystal resonator, oscillator, Tcxo, Vcxo, OCXO design and development and production of professional manufacturers. The company's technical personnel have more than 30 years of quartz chip, crystal device product development experience and production line management, process management, quality management and marketing management experience. Provide one-stop shopping service.

Our mission is to:

1. To provide our customers with high-quality, competitive frequency control products.

2. Integration of information technology and education training to create knowledge.

3. Continuous improvement, maintain quality, challenge zero defect.

4. Focus on product innovation on the basis of core technology.

5. Committed to become a world-class manufacturer of frequency control products, combined with quality resources to establish a strategic sales network to maintain our market competitiveness.

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