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Hwitek Technology Subordinates:

South China Division---Shenzhen Hwitek Technology Co., Ltd.

North China Division---Zhengzhou Hongchuang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Hwitek Technology is engaged in the development, production and sales of quartz crystal, quartz monitor crystal (Quartz Monitor Crystals), quartz crystal resonator, quartz crystal oscillator, high precision quartz crystal resonator, oscillator, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO Professional manufacturers. The company has a modern high-clean production plant, and focus on technological innovation, scientific management and new product development, in the crystal, as well as small, high-precision, high-frequency chip research and development has achieved leading results. Crystal film used in optical, optoelectronic, vacuum coating field, through the crystal vibration frequency changes for the film thickness and quality changes to provide real-time monitoring data. In addition, the company also mainly for the frequency control components manufacturers AT, SC and other cutting high-precision and conventional chips, and at the same time for the consumer electronics, smart home appliances, mobile communications, computer peripherals, smart cars, the Internet, Industrial meters, medical equipment and other high-tech industries to provide the corresponding quartz crystal, crystal components.


Hwitek technology strength, product development capability. Company engineers rich more than 30 years of quartz chips, crystal, crystal products R & D technology, and advanced production management, process management, quality management and marketing management experience. Companies to provide high-quality products and good after-sales service, won the praise of domestic and foreign customers.

Hwitek Technology to establish "through customer and employee satisfaction to maintain sustainable business competitive advantage," the operating principle of strict and efficient, professional technical services to win the trust of customers. Advanced technology, superb technology and modern management means is our most powerful guarantee for you.

Hwitek technology and strengthen the well-known components of the plant, the introduction of a wide range of products to meet the needs of customers one-stop diversified, to provide more comprehensive services. Thank you for your attention to the product of Hwitek Technology Quartz Crystal, Quartz Crystal Resonator, Quartz Crystal Oscillator Series, Hwitek all the staff to a dedicated heart and hard-working hands and customers create a win-win!

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